Stepmothering is one of the most difficult tasks with stresses, challenges and difficulties that are rarely recognised, understood or appreciated by anyone aside from other stepmothers. Some years ago Sonja created a blog is especially for those courageous ladies who take on the stepmothering challenge. It is a place where stepmums can find helpful hints and is intedended to be a safe space for sharing, support and celebration. To access the blog, please click here. 

Hell...p, I'm A Stepmother

When Sonja first told me she was writing a book on step parenting, I was

overjoyed as I personally wished I had such a guide when I remarried 7 years

ago. When my partner and I met 10 years ago we discovered that we each

had 2 children. They were a year apart in age, 13, 14, 15 and 16. Could our

new relationship survive 4 teenagers?


Like Sonja I discovered the challenges and rewards of step- parenting in

unchartered territory. However there were many moments when I wished

there was a roadmap or a guide to follow. Sonja has provided this roadmap

in the form of her book Hell……P!!! I’m a Stepmother. It is a survivor’s guide

to being a step-parent.


Sonja has written the book both from her personal experience as a step-parent and her professional expertise as a therapist and family counsellor. Her journey is written with honesty and courage. Sonja tells how, as a young and in love 24 year-old emigrant to Australia, she married a man with two young boys. Shortly after they married the children’s mother disappeared leaving her to be the full-time carer of two distraught and abandoned little boys. Sonja describes her struggles and triumphs her pain and growth through her experiences. Most importantly she steps back and explains the whole process of step parenting and gives us a deeper understanding of the blended family. She describes the different stages, the emotions to expect and tools to deal with each phase. If you have become a step-parent or are about to become part of a blended family this book is a must. Sonja’s style is easy to read, her advice is practical and down to earth. Her words give you insight and understanding in a situation that is often filled with confusion, hurt and anger. Although mothering often comes to us by instinct, few of us are born with the innate skills of being a step-parent. Sonja provides the tools for us to turn this potentially painful experience into a rewarding journey. She gives effective strategies, case studies intermingled with her own personal story. This book will save relationships from heartbreak and benefit the children of all ages who are living in a blended family. Sonja’s book is an important contribution to this field as more and more of us have another go at marriage or find ourselves in the role of a step parent. Cyndi Kaplan-FreimanAuthor of 9 books including the bestseller, There is a Lipstick in my Briefcase.

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