For 17 years I conducted a private Counselling/Psychotherapy and Coaching practice located on Sydney’s North Shore. During this time I developed and presented numerous professional and personal development training courses, authored a book as well as countless other publications and made many public speaking and media appearances.

Passionate about personal and professional development I've always considered myself a change agent, committed to enhancing people’s potential in all areas of life. Fuelled by the conviction that every person is capable of doing whatever it takes to achieve their best, it has been my privilege for many years to function as coach, mentor, therapist, facilitator and educator. 


My vision is to assist each person to:

  • Become the best person they can be.

  • Develop the most rewarding relationships they can have.

  • Use their unique qualities, abilities and strengths so they will be able to pursue their most cherished dreams.

  • Achieve maximum personal development and growth.

  • Enjoy each step along their life's journey.


My desire is to:

  • Help those who struggle with difficulties in their lives (who've had it tough in the past or are finding little joy in their present) to overcome their hurdles, develop their strengths and discover their brilliance.

  • Assist those who just need a kick-start towards implementing empowering changes so that they may be able to move towards a more satisfying future.

  • Walk alongside those who are grieving a loss (whether their grief is due to the death of a loved one or to separation or divorce…or the loss desired goal, a hope, a vision or dream).

  • Enable those who are suffering the pain of disappointment, rejection, anger, failure (or fear of failure); an inability to forgive and to move beyond these crippling emotions.

  • Enable those who are lacking in work/life balance, have difficulties in prioritising and/or are slaves to their jobs, to develop healthier ways of functioning within their environment.

  • Assist those who struggle with relationship issues (in their marriage, their partnership, their friendships, their families or their work environment) to develop more satisfying and successful ways of relating.








Master of Counselling degree – University of Western Sydney

Graduate Diploma Applied Psychology – Australian College of Applied Psychology

NLP  – Australian College of Applied Psychology

Cert IV – Assessment and Workplace Training


MEDIA: For a list of media appearances click here. 




Having moved away from Sydney some time ago and therefore no longer able to continue my private practice in that location I decided, rather than to build a new practice, to shift my focus to providing Skype, Facetime and Phone life and relationship coaching.


My vision, desire and commitment and work with people who struggle with life's issues remain the same. 


In summary, my desire is to ENCOURAGE, EMPOWER AND INSPIRE each individual whose life I am privileged touch to create a life for themselves

of which they can be proud - a life filled with purpose, joy, love, happiness and peace.


My commitment is to:

  • Give each individual whose struggles, pains, concerns, desires, dream and goals I have the privilege of sharing, my complete and undivided attention.

  • To respect each person's uniqueness and individuality.

  • To acknowledge, respect and honour each person's right to self-determination, personal values, beliefs and choices.

  • To confidentiality.



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