The essence of a happy life is found in the quality of our relationships!

Essential Ingredients For

A Happy Marriage


All couples experience a measure of difficulties in their relationship. These come in all shapes and sizes. They might be aspects of the other's personality that had not emerged until the knot was tied, different expectations, differences in belief and value systems, different ways of dealing with conflict and so on. If the individuals in the couple's relationship are sufficiently mature, these and other difficulties they may encounter will be overcome in time. If they are at very different levels of maturity, have extremely different expectations or very different ways of dealing with issues, they may find coming to grips with each other to be quite a challenge.

Good marriages (partnerships) are comprised of the following ingredients: CLICK HERE

The Value of Great Relationships


The essence of a happy life is found in the quality of our relationships! I imagine that you are familiar with the sentiment that at the end of your life you won't be concerned with the amount of money you've made, the number of things you've acquired or how well you've performed in the business world but that the only thing that will matter to you at that time will be the people you've loved and who've loved you. CLICK HERE

 Children Learn What They Live


Children learn what they live! How very true and yet, how difficult to remember day-in, day-out, week-in, week-out, at times when we are tired, stressed and overwhelmed. Children depend on their parents - the most important people in their lives to not only be their nurturers and teachers but also their role models - an awesome responsibility indeed! CLICK HERE






The Role Of Emotional Safety In A Couples' Realtionship 


You might believe that you are in love when you can't keep your eyes off the object of your desire, when your heart beats twice as fast each time you think of him or her, when you feel like a thousand dollars in his or her presence and when you simply can't wait for the first intimate encounter. But is this really love? CLICK HERE

Avoiding Family Conflict


All families experience times of conflict. As long as these times are managed wisely and resolution is achieved, family conflict is nothing to be concerned about. However, if conflict occurs frequently, usually turns into something resembling World War 3 or you are generally unable to reach a satisfactory outcome, it is vital to find the causes of your conflicts and determine to deal with them come what may.

With Christmas just around the corner and family conflict often reaching absolute crisis point at that time of year, I thought I'd post the following for you just as a little reminder: CLICK HERE



When There Is Conflict In Your Relationship


Whether we like it or not, conflict is very much part of life. It can occur with your partner, your child/children, your parents, your boss, your employees, your friends, your relatives or any other person with whom you come in contact. Often, it is not the fact that conflict occurs that is the problem, but how you deal with it.


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