Stepmothering is one of the most difficult tasks with stresses, challenges and difficulties that are rarely recognised, understood or appreciated by anyone aside from other stepmothers. This blog is especially for those courageous ladies who take on the stepmothering challenge. It is a place where stepmums can find helpful hints and is intedended to be a safe space for sharing, support and celebration. GO STEPMUMS!

Hell...p! I'm A Stepmother 

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Hell...p, I'm a stepmother is a book I would recommend to all step-parents and their partners. Whether you are new step-parent or have been one for many years, you will find this book invaluable.Sonja Ridden leaves readers with no doubt that being a step-parent is no bed of roses, but that there are also rewards. There is an emphasis on commitment - not giving up! By sharing her experiences (and those of others) she will help you navigate the step-parenting journey. Relationships Australia The candor with which the author and other step-parents share their personal experience paints a realistic picture of the challenges and opportunities for growths that stepparenting brings.In an easy to read style the author offers practical tips on untangling emotionally laden issues, finding ways to meet needs and making constructive moves towards a healthy future.Cyndi Kaplan-Freiman, Author/It's only when you become a step parent yourself and experience situations with which you struggle to cope that you realise the enormous difficulties step parenting can bring. Sonja Ridden's book provides you with step by step insight, instructions and guidance to help you deal more successfully with your role as a step parent. I can thoroughly recommend Sonja Ridden's book, which can save you considerable pain and heartbreak and enable you to (hopefully) enjoy your role as a step-parent.


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The following article was written by one of our wonderful site monitors when The Step Stop was functioning in its original glory. As its topic is just as applicable today as it was then, I decided to 'put it out there' today and hope that it will provide you with food for thought.  Enjoy!


When Sonja asked me if I would consider putting some of my personal thoughts and experiences together I was flattered as it reassured me that what had often seemed like just babble at the time, was in fact worth reading. However, the biggest obstacle to overcome was figuring out what to write about. Without the aid of an existing post to respond to I felt that I didn’t have much to offer. Playing around with various ideas realised that the 3 things that had been foremost on my mind were probably the most common issues of concern that are usually raised on TSS.

Right and Wrong


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